Beyonce is here in the ATL Tonight!....You have to see this!

Sooo its only appropriate I post our parody up again since this is the night Beyonce will grace ATL with her presence.  I was almost not about to go but deep down inside I was hoping someone somewhere had a ticket for me...and then it happened. My lovely dear and one of my best friends called me and said these words " I will take you to the Beyonce Concert tomorrow!"....I stopped breathing for a second, I don't know why but I  couldn't believe it. Just last night I had the pleasure of meeting her stylist @tytryone at The W in Buckhead and now I'm about to see my girl Bey!  Ty was so nice and down to Earth!

I told him about our Parody ( with Eight Piece Productions, my dear /best friend Chase Simmons) and that it was featured in the Huffington Post and Vibe Vixen. He said "I want to see it," of course I got super excited and hoped that he'll show Beyonce sometime today while she is preparing for her concert and magically she shows a clip during the show!!!!!......And then invites me backstage!!!! That would be great but I know its a little far fetched, but hey Ya Never Know. In the meantime please enjoy our parody !!!!!!!