Our Youth Our Future

As a Community Health Educator I have the joy of working with a diverse group of youth from various demographic, social and economic backgrounds.  I see day to day the impact our society has on our young people. Most teens crave attention and the desire to feel needed, yet they seek it from the wrong source.  As a young person you have to remember you are going through a period of transition and development often marked by risky behavior. My primary responsibility to these young people as a Community Health Educator is to give them the tools they need to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy, STD and /or HIV, my responsibility as a role model is to listen, support their goals and guide their decision making process.

These young men represent just a few of the young people I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis! I am so proud of them, each graduating from their prospective high school and moving on to pursue their goals.  All three are gentlemen, intelligent and ambitious. I couldn't ask for a better group!

I love going into a classroom of high school juniors and seniors to hear their ambitious goals and desires for their future.  Their optimism is refreshing and their eagerness is unrelenting.  For some, they can’t see themselves 5 years down the line let alone 10 years.  This frustrates me.  I see the potential in each and every one of my teens, unfortunately some do not.  Some people don’t take the time to actually listen to what they’re feeling, what they want and what they need. When supported appropriately, many of these young people learn from their experiences and successfully find their way through the often difficult and confusing path to adulthood. I want to take this time to encourage you (the reader) to involve yourself in a young person’s life.  Be their role-model, their cheerleader, their supporter in any way possible. Help to shape a positive perception on their future.  Not only will it make a difference in their life, but it will change your perspective and put a pep in your step.