The Blacker The Berry...

 The blacker the berry the sweeter the truth and the truth is “mainstream” beauty is racist. I know this is a harsh and controversial term to use, but that’s what the media portrays. It’s like your skin tone is inherently ranked superior or inferior to others. We give special attention to those who are different from the majority. For example, there's always some type of campaign for “brown skin” or “dark skin” women, rarely is there a campaign for “white woman” or” light skinned” woman.  Why is it we make a big deal about a beautiful 'dark skinned' woman who makes it in the entertainment world, for example Lupita Nyong’o, the beautiful ‘dark skinned’ actress from the movie 12 Years a Slave.

Don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman but what about her beauty is capturing the attention of fans all around the world? Her dark black skin, the media continues to tokenize her skin tone instead of her overall beauty. It seems as though most people are not used to seeing a beauty like hers, some say it’s rare (not really, just look around, travel), it’s special (yeah but so is the next girl’s) and it’s distinct (yes, because it’s real). She is just as beautiful as a Beyonce, Ciara, or Rhianna, (who all have gotten lighter over the years by the way) so why is it such a big deal? If I were to put up a picture of Rhianna and Lupita and ask you who's prettier, who would you choose and why? Most of you wouldn't say it but you would choose Rhianna, because of her skin tone, instead you'll say "they're both pretty in their own way".  We've been brainwashed to think one beauty is better than the next. It’s almost like people can’t believe you can be dark skinned and pretty, like it’s an oxymoron.

 Growing up I used to hear “you’re pretty, for a dark skinned girl,” at the time I thought it was a compliment but now I realize it was a way to categorize my beauty. Negative feelings about your skin color can get in the way of your perception of beauty. In this nation, by way of the media, the perception of beauty is limited. Both men and woman continue to lighten their skin to mirror images in the media that are or seem to be “acceptable”.  Light skin is the superior and anything else is the inferior. I love skin, healthy skin whether it’s dark, brown, white, red or yellow.

And thats the truth.