I'm just going to get right to the point. I freakin love this 3D Mascara!!! Every time I wear people people ask me if I have on false lashes. My natural lashes are thin naturally and I don't like wearing false lashes everyday, only for special occasions. But this 3D Mascara gives me the volume and length I need!!!! It lasts all day and it's waterproof!!! 

Now sometimes I can be a little skeptical about trends and new products but I have this product some time. I made sure I used it for a while before I started promoting it. I can say with confidence this is the BEST MASCARA EVER!!!




1. Me without mascara

2.  Me with reg. Mascara

3. Me with 3D Fiber Mascara! 

You have to try it!!! Purchase it from my Virtual Make-Up Party!!!! 

This week it's available right here for you to purchase:

You will love it!!!!!