The SELFIE Come Up Series


The SELFIE Come Up

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Upgrade your MAKEUP!

WOW! Do you see the difference? Your makeup is so important when it comes to getting the best SELFIE.  The right application will take you from struggle to fierce!  Trust me...I know. The key is keeping it all simple....we want to see you not the makeup! This video will show you how to maximize your makeup and get the right look for the best SELFIE! Say good bye to bad brows and hello to fresh glowy skin!

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Upgrade your LIGHTING!

The right lighting makes a world of difference! If you're serious about your selfies, please get out of the bathroom and step into some natural light.  This quick video will get right to the point and share some simple techniques and tips using resources right in front of you! There is even a little bonus in  ( one of my selfie secrets....shhhh keep this between you and me!)

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Upgrade your Posing! 

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