SoChevon: Simple Skin Care Routine....So Good Cleopatra used it!

    SHALSHANI VOLCANIC ASH CLAY can help to beautify the skin.RECOGNISED THROUGHOUT HISTORY FOR ITS EXTREMLEY HEALTH & COSMETIC BENEFITS. It draws away the TOXINS and POISONS that everyday life puts on your skin, letting the natural beauty show through. It is said that the ancient tribes of CENTRAL AFRICA and CLEOPATRA used Volcanic ash clay in their everyday beauty regimes, even the Great Mathama Ghandi used and praised the clay for its multitude of uses.
     SHALSHANI VOLCANIC ASH CLAY helps to reduce the signs of ageing, thus giving the skin a youthful appearance.... " a mini facelift in a bottle" is what clients have been calling this product when used on the face and neck.NATURAL HOLISTIC HEALING!! ALL FROM MOTHER EARTH.

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