How to do a Natural Beat face in 11 easy steps!

You can look natural and still have a Beat Face! It's all about the right amount of  concealing, highlighting and contouring.  I love a natural beat, it allows you to wear the make up instead of the make up wearing you.

Check Out my 11 easy steps to a Natural Beat:

Before: Make sure you start with a clean canvas.

1. Apply a Primer.  Here I'm using NARS Light Optimizing Primer, applying it to my t-zone,  and under my eyes, this is exactly where I want the light to catch.

2. Fill in your brows. Here Im using NYX Eye Brow Pencil in Chestnut.

3. Conceal your brows. Here Im using my NYX HD concealer on both the top and bottom to neaten up and highlight my brows.

4. Conceal and Highlight. Here I'm using Ben Nye tattoo cover  up palette as my concealer.

I know I look super light but I promise it will all come together.

5. Set the concealer. Here Im using MAC Sheer loose powder to set my concealer.

6.  Foundation. Im using NARS Powder foundation for medium coverage to blend out the highlighter to provide an even tone.

7. Contour. I'm using Blunt blush by MAC to add dimension to my eye lids, nose and cheeks.

You want to make sure you get your temples and your chin. 
Everything should flow, it should be a continuous motion, you don't want harsh lines on your face where you started and ended.

8. Black Liner. I'm using a black liner from Ben Nye to create a slight cat eye.

9. Mascara. I love my Dior but I opted for a drugstore mascara (it does the trick) Maybeline Great Lash in Black Noir.

(Excuse the pimples, we all have a set back once in a while but its perfectly normal, I did my Shal Shani Face mask twice  in 7 days after taking these pictures and it cleared my face right up, if you would like more info about the Shal Shani Volcanic Ash Clay Mask, let me know!)

10. Lip liner. Im resourceful, so I used the same NYX Chestnut brow pencil to line my lip.

11. Lips. I wanted a very nude lip so I decided to base my lip with the same concealer I used on my face (again being resourceful) and top it off with NYX Cafe Latte Gloss.

The End Result: