I'm just going to get right to the point. I freakin love this 3D Mascara!!! Every time I wear people people ask me if I have on false lashes. My natural lashes are thin naturally and I don't like wearing false lashes everyday, only for special occasions. But this 3D Mascara gives me the volume and length I need!!!! It lasts all day and it's waterproof!!! 

Now sometimes I can be a little skeptical about trends and new products but I have this product some time. I made sure I used it for a while before I started promoting it. I can say with confidence this is the BEST MASCARA EVER!!!




1. Me without mascara

2.  Me with reg. Mascara

3. Me with 3D Fiber Mascara! 

You have to try it!!! Purchase it from my Virtual Make-Up Party!!!! 

This week it's available right here for you to purchase:

You will love it!!!!! 

I love working with Divas!

 I had the amazing pleasure of  with The R&B Diva herself Ms. Meelah, lead singer from the group 702 for the BE Magazine cover shoot!!! 


Meelah was the first 'Diva' I had the pleasure of working with since I've been on my make up artist journey. Since working with her for more than a year I can tell you she is the most down to earth funny and talented ladies I know. Not to mention her skin is soft tight and beautiful! 


 Excuse the quality, this was taken and uploaded with my phone 






Be on the look out!

I'm here beating and playing with my hun @kdiddypop y'all may know her as Kalenna from Diddy's Dirty Money.  This chick is funny down to earth and a true sweetheart. I enjoy every opportunity I get to beat her face! She's workin on somethin for y'all so stay tuned.

 @kdiddybop beat by @sochevon   

 @kdiddybop beat by @sochevon


 Ooh and this Lip Tar Matte in Hoochie (that name tho... lol) by OCC we used on her lip is Bomb. It's bright and stays on for hours even after you eat!

If you want that kim k kissed by the sun glow NYX liquid Illuminator will do the trick!  

Source: http://

Solange Cash In.......A SoMAF Passion Project

SoMAF (Some of My Artsy Friends) is multi-media collective for writers, filmmakers, designers, artisans, musicians and artists. The name SoMAF honors the lyrics of music icon, Erykah Badu, more specifically her song "Apple Tree" from her classic album, "Baduism". 

"It was a stormy, you know the kind where the lightning strikes, and I was hanging out with some of my artsy friends."
In 2014 SoMAF will unveil 8 Passion Projects, each project spearheaded by one of our tribespeople. These creative submissions will range in art form and art focus. 

 "Cash In" is our first passion project for 2014. 

"This video is a fan/love letter to Solange, Saint Records, & all of the artist of Saint Herron. It was crafted and created by the tribespeople of SoMAF, multi-media collective for writers, filmmakers, designers, artisans and artists. " + Chase Simmons, Director

The Blacker The Berry...

 The blacker the berry the sweeter the truth and the truth is “mainstream” beauty is racist. I know this is a harsh and controversial term to use, but that’s what the media portrays. It’s like your skin tone is inherently ranked superior or inferior to others. We give special attention to those who are different from the majority. For example, there's always some type of campaign for “brown skin” or “dark skin” women, rarely is there a campaign for “white woman” or” light skinned” woman.  Why is it we make a big deal about a beautiful 'dark skinned' woman who makes it in the entertainment world, for example Lupita Nyong’o, the beautiful ‘dark skinned’ actress from the movie 12 Years a Slave.

Don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman but what about her beauty is capturing the attention of fans all around the world? Her dark black skin, the media continues to tokenize her skin tone instead of her overall beauty. It seems as though most people are not used to seeing a beauty like hers, some say it’s rare (not really, just look around, travel), it’s special (yeah but so is the next girl’s) and it’s distinct (yes, because it’s real). She is just as beautiful as a Beyonce, Ciara, or Rhianna, (who all have gotten lighter over the years by the way) so why is it such a big deal? If I were to put up a picture of Rhianna and Lupita and ask you who's prettier, who would you choose and why? Most of you wouldn't say it but you would choose Rhianna, because of her skin tone, instead you'll say "they're both pretty in their own way".  We've been brainwashed to think one beauty is better than the next. It’s almost like people can’t believe you can be dark skinned and pretty, like it’s an oxymoron.

 Growing up I used to hear “you’re pretty, for a dark skinned girl,” at the time I thought it was a compliment but now I realize it was a way to categorize my beauty. Negative feelings about your skin color can get in the way of your perception of beauty. In this nation, by way of the media, the perception of beauty is limited. Both men and woman continue to lighten their skin to mirror images in the media that are or seem to be “acceptable”.  Light skin is the superior and anything else is the inferior. I love skin, healthy skin whether it’s dark, brown, white, red or yellow.

And thats the truth.

How to do a Natural Beat face in 11 easy steps!

You can look natural and still have a Beat Face! It's all about the right amount of  concealing, highlighting and contouring.  I love a natural beat, it allows you to wear the make up instead of the make up wearing you.

Check Out my 11 easy steps to a Natural Beat:

Before: Make sure you start with a clean canvas.

1. Apply a Primer.  Here I'm using NARS Light Optimizing Primer, applying it to my t-zone,  and under my eyes, this is exactly where I want the light to catch.

2. Fill in your brows. Here Im using NYX Eye Brow Pencil in Chestnut.

3. Conceal your brows. Here Im using my NYX HD concealer on both the top and bottom to neaten up and highlight my brows.

4. Conceal and Highlight. Here I'm using Ben Nye tattoo cover  up palette as my concealer.

I know I look super light but I promise it will all come together.

5. Set the concealer. Here Im using MAC Sheer loose powder to set my concealer.

6.  Foundation. Im using NARS Powder foundation for medium coverage to blend out the highlighter to provide an even tone.

7. Contour. I'm using Blunt blush by MAC to add dimension to my eye lids, nose and cheeks.

You want to make sure you get your temples and your chin. 
Everything should flow, it should be a continuous motion, you don't want harsh lines on your face where you started and ended.

8. Black Liner. I'm using a black liner from Ben Nye to create a slight cat eye.

9. Mascara. I love my Dior but I opted for a drugstore mascara (it does the trick) Maybeline Great Lash in Black Noir.

(Excuse the pimples, we all have a set back once in a while but its perfectly normal, I did my Shal Shani Face mask twice  in 7 days after taking these pictures and it cleared my face right up, if you would like more info about the Shal Shani Volcanic Ash Clay Mask, let me know!)

10. Lip liner. Im resourceful, so I used the same NYX Chestnut brow pencil to line my lip.

11. Lips. I wanted a very nude lip so I decided to base my lip with the same concealer I used on my face (again being resourceful) and top it off with NYX Cafe Latte Gloss.

The End Result:

Behind the Scenes with Darci Daye

So when you mix sexy with naughty and a little edge, you get Darci.  This raw talent originally from New Orleans is heating up the streets of Atlanta with her sexy voice and lyrics.  I had the pleasure of working with her a few times ( check out her site:  Makeup by me!), and this just happens to be a time I documented it.  Her face is the perfect canvas to paint. Check out the pics.


2 Must Have Lip Stains For The Fall!

Some of us are afraid to try a little color on our lips, maybe because we think our lips are too big, too small or nothing seems to match our skin tone just right.  Well, no worries I found two lip stains that will work for virtually anyone! 

SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain Collection not only has bright rich shades but, they last for hours without smudging. It goes on smooth and silky, leaving you with the perfect matte lip. The two must have colors for the fall are:

 #1 Always Red, a matte bold classic red 

 #10 Everlasting Burgundy, a deep shimmery mauve

 Pair these lips with a little lip liner, a simple eye, flawless skin and you're ready for any occasion.  Trust me, this will definitely get you admirers. 

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Simone Whitmore from the Reality Show Married to Medicine

Lately, I've had the pleasure of working with some of Atlanta's Reality Tv Stars.  When I got the call about this photo shoot with Dr. Simone from the show Married to Medicine, I didn't know what to expect.  She definitely surprised me. 

Dr. Simone is a prestigious OB/GYN doctor but she truly lives up to her nickname Dr. Crunk. She was Turnt Up (for lack of a better expression) for the entire shoot, quoting rap songs from Two Chains, Future and Rick Ross just to name a few.  

This woman is truly hilarious, down to earth feisty and beautiful, I loved it!!!! Check out the pics from our shoot and make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming season of Married to Medicine! 

SoChevon: Simple Skin Care Routine....So Good Cleopatra used it!

    SHALSHANI VOLCANIC ASH CLAY can help to beautify the skin.RECOGNISED THROUGHOUT HISTORY FOR ITS EXTREMLEY HEALTH & COSMETIC BENEFITS. It draws away the TOXINS and POISONS that everyday life puts on your skin, letting the natural beauty show through. It is said that the ancient tribes of CENTRAL AFRICA and CLEOPATRA used Volcanic ash clay in their everyday beauty regimes, even the Great Mathama Ghandi used and praised the clay for its multitude of uses.
     SHALSHANI VOLCANIC ASH CLAY helps to reduce the signs of ageing, thus giving the skin a youthful appearance.... " a mini facelift in a bottle" is what clients have been calling this product when used on the face and neck.NATURAL HOLISTIC HEALING!! ALL FROM MOTHER EARTH.

For more info checkout:

Behind the Scenes with Ariane from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta"

 Now I don't consider myself a "celebrity" makeup artist, more so "the people's" makeup artist, however, I have had the opportunity to work with some of Atlanta's reality tv stars to include the beautiful Ariane from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta".

This woman is a natural beauty, both inside and out, and she's hilarious. We kikied, talked about the show, she shared some of her future endeavors and cleared up some rumors (reality tv isn't so real).  During part of the shoot we got really close, like boobie close .... she did a crazy beautiful topless shoot and guess who had to make sure she was nice and oiled of course! Ariane was so cool about it,  it was like putting lotion on her hand, not such a big deal at all, plus it's part of the job....and I love it!

Check out some of the behind the scenes pics below from our photo shoot for Urban Socialite online magazine.


Our Youth Our Future

As a Community Health Educator I have the joy of working with a diverse group of youth from various demographic, social and economic backgrounds.  I see day to day the impact our society has on our young people. Most teens crave attention and the desire to feel needed, yet they seek it from the wrong source.  As a young person you have to remember you are going through a period of transition and development often marked by risky behavior. My primary responsibility to these young people as a Community Health Educator is to give them the tools they need to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy, STD and /or HIV, my responsibility as a role model is to listen, support their goals and guide their decision making process.

These young men represent just a few of the young people I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis! I am so proud of them, each graduating from their prospective high school and moving on to pursue their goals.  All three are gentlemen, intelligent and ambitious. I couldn't ask for a better group!

I love going into a classroom of high school juniors and seniors to hear their ambitious goals and desires for their future.  Their optimism is refreshing and their eagerness is unrelenting.  For some, they can’t see themselves 5 years down the line let alone 10 years.  This frustrates me.  I see the potential in each and every one of my teens, unfortunately some do not.  Some people don’t take the time to actually listen to what they’re feeling, what they want and what they need. When supported appropriately, many of these young people learn from their experiences and successfully find their way through the often difficult and confusing path to adulthood. I want to take this time to encourage you (the reader) to involve yourself in a young person’s life.  Be their role-model, their cheerleader, their supporter in any way possible. Help to shape a positive perception on their future.  Not only will it make a difference in their life, but it will change your perspective and put a pep in your step.   

Beyonce is here in the ATL Tonight!....You have to see this!

Sooo its only appropriate I post our parody up again since this is the night Beyonce will grace ATL with her presence.  I was almost not about to go but deep down inside I was hoping someone somewhere had a ticket for me...and then it happened. My lovely dear and one of my best friends called me and said these words " I will take you to the Beyonce Concert tomorrow!"....I stopped breathing for a second, I don't know why but I  couldn't believe it. Just last night I had the pleasure of meeting her stylist @tytryone at The W in Buckhead and now I'm about to see my girl Bey!  Ty was so nice and down to Earth!

I told him about our Parody ( with Eight Piece Productions, my dear /best friend Chase Simmons) and that it was featured in the Huffington Post and Vibe Vixen. He said "I want to see it," of course I got super excited and hoped that he'll show Beyonce sometime today while she is preparing for her concert and magically she shows a clip during the show!!!!!......And then invites me backstage!!!! That would be great but I know its a little far fetched, but hey Ya Never Know. In the meantime please enjoy our parody !!!!!!!

The #RedLipSpecial

Wear Red!!!! I love a Red Lip, its sexy sophisticated and classic.  Red lips will never go out of style, however it can go wrong, if is its not accompanied by the right look.  When I wear red I like to keep it natural and simple. Takes notes from Rhianna and Bey. They keep it simple with a fresh face and a BOMB Red Lip.  You can do it too! Here I'll show you!


Not everyone has 20 to 30 mins to add to their regular morning routine.  For most, it's challenging to get up, get ready, still have time for breakfast, let alone do your make up. It takes time to find the right rhythm to fit your schedule.  

 In this tutorial I'll give you my regular morning routine for a fresh, natural, glowy face you can make your own in less than 15 mins! Enjoy!